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Internal Medicine / Family Medicine / Addiction Medicine

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Internal & Family Medicine - Annual Physicals,  CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Physicals, Immunizations, Chronic Disease Management - Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, (elevated blood fats), Acute & Chronic Back Pain, Drug Use Disorders, Acute Medical Care, etc.

Addiction Medicine - Diagnose, treat and follow up with patients suffering from drug use disorders. 

The need for effective, long term dependency treatment for Opioid Addiction is urgent.  The leading cause of deaths of 18-44 year olds is prescription drug and heroin overdoses.  We are proud to provide an opioid addiction treatment program to address this critical need.  Our care is of the highest quality, focusing on patient compliance and retention. One of our most important program tools is buprenorphine (Suboxone & Zubsolv), a medication that reverses opioid withdrawal symptoms, and stabilizes patients.

LEARN ABOUT:  Understanding Opiate Dependency - What to Expect during Recovery - What Patients Report Needing Most from Loved Ones - Suboxone and Sobriety - How Addiction and Recovery Affects Families - How Trust is Recovered - How Patients Succeed - How Families Stay Strong - Understanding "Triggers" - Communication - Recovery - Marriage